Options trading comes in several unique forms. One type of option is a binary option. A binary option is one that pays out of a stock price in within a pre-determined interval at a particular point in time. There can be a considerable amount of flexibility as to the time period in question, from very short periods of time to longer ones.

60 second binary options trading represents a very short-term trading strategy or protocol. This type of option allows a trader to predict the direction of a stock price within a very short period of time, exactly one-minute.

The trading of this type of binary options involves the examination of a chart with current stock price data. A person then makes a decision as to whether he or she feels that stock price will go up or down at the conclusion of the one-minute interval.

Because the time frame associated with these types of trades is so short, these trades occur at a very high frequency. This requires a person to make decisions about price direction and related issues in a highly compressed period of time, within a matter of seconds.

Due to the fact that the trading through this type of binary strategy occurs at an extremely high-speed, a person should not jump into this type of activity without undergoing an educational process. The best way for a person to prepare to take part in 60 second options trading of this nature is to establish and utilize a demo account.

A demo account provides a person a variety of trading scenarios. In addition, a demo account is extremely helpful in aiding a person to be able to effectively make trading decisions in a matter of seconds when needed.

A person should never engage in real-money binary trading of this nature until he or she masters the process through a demo account. The amount of time this takes depends on an individual. Some people simply are able to master the demo account faster than other individuals.

A person who masters the demo account and moves on to real-money account trading has the potential to make a good amount of money through the process. However, this type of option trading -- as is the case with all types of option trading -- comes with associated risks. Therefore, a person needs to be prudent when it comes to investing in this type of option. Good luck and trade smart!.