Forex Tracer Review

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Forex Tracer is an Expert Advisor that trades the forex markets on your behalf. It's essentially a trading robot that once set up to run with MetaTrader4 , which takes just a few minutes, will place trades for you on autopilot meaning that no intervention is needed by you at all.

Forex Tracer trades the EUR/USD currency pair and trades off the 30 minute chart. It's obviously been programmed by a team of developers to find high probability set-ups using this timeframe and if past performance is anything to go by it's highly profitable.
There are trading statements to show that the Forex Tracer software could have turned $25,000 into $335,000 if left to run for the whole of last year, which is certainly very impressive.

If you read the sales page for Forex Tracer it's hard not to be impressed. They've obviously spent a lot of time on their sales page and marketing materials, and have an excellent bonus of 2 custom built technical indicators, but is their trading robot as good as their sales page claims it is?

Well I have to admit that I haven't yet tried out the software myself because as you're probably aware I like to trade for myself, but despite that I would still recommend you buy Forex Tracer and at least try it out on a demo account to see how profitable it is.

There is a 60 day guarantee so you effectively have nothing to lose. If it proves successful within those 60 days you can keep the software and hopefully make some decent profits, and if it doesn't prove to be as successful as it claims you can always ask for a full refund within 60 days.